Standing out has never been hard for Cody.

He pours more emotion into his work than anything else, allowing himself to be fully exposed in his music. His sense of friendship, acceptance and adventure find their way into his lyrics and his sound, and strives to be transparent and honest with his audience.

The Northside EP is a bold first step into the pop limelight for a new artist with an old soul. It’s a confrontational record about not giving into the gravity of conformity. Cody sinks everything he’s got into his writing, escaping the trappings of his Chicago suburban roots for the boundless energy of singles like “Fuck You Want” and “Now You Know”. 

Cody has opened up for chart-topping artists from Tiesto to The Wanted to Karmin to Icona Pop and Bonnie McKee. With the Northside EP Cody continues to execute his intuitive artistic abilities. “I am an open book in a lot of ways, but I am a long way from the final chapter.”